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Singapore Academy of Corporate ManagementRegistration of the demand for receiving a grant on training

Grants on training are provided from the academic grant fund which provides scientific and research to academy activity. The choice of the management of academy for the applicant and approval of his demand will be made proceeding from qualification of the competitor, his age, a financial situation and desire to be trained in the Singapore academy of corporate management.

Important factor at approval of the demand for a grant will be practical experience and a place of work of the applicant. The probability of training in academy according to the grant program increases if the applicant has qualification certificates or diplomas on professional education, and at submission of the collective demand for a grant from group of competitors, for training on one of programs for a design form of education.

Filling the Application form, the grantee confirms that has read and understands requirements of an acceptability and possibilities of financing of the training. Providing full and most exact information in inquiry of financing and additional documents, the grantee must present himself both further research, and a way of his performance, from the most attractive party, and to confirm that the right to ask or receive financing from the Singapore academy of corporate management has now, without breaking ethical standards and financial policy of academy in relation to grantees.


Recommendations about filling of sections Application the Form, concerning request for receiving a grant for training

Filling the Application form at receipt in Academy, we recommend to you to use opportunity to request a grant which in case of receiving, will close the most part of cost of training. For this purpose, you is required to answer some questions of the Application form which we have specially prepared. Allow to comment on questions and to provide recommendations about filling of the grant demand.


«Whether your dissertation work will relate to the current professional activity?»

The academy is interested in training of specialists from the practical fields of activity, capable to become leaders in the companies of the international business. In details describe your today's situation in the company, competence and powers, extent of participation in existing projects and the related industries / the markets of services in which you have long-term experience of professional activity.


«Whether your dissertation work will contain research data which you are ready to provide academies for analytical researches?»

Together with the personal tutor, during the entire period of training in Academy, you will have a unique opportunity to consider and issue existing projects and business plans according to the international standards, to prepare a package of researches on their optimization and even to take out the patent for researches.
In details paint – which projects you can offer, as a material for potential researches that is already ready and to that you would like to pay attention during study.

List everything the qualification Certificates received by you over the last 5 years, with the indication of requisites of the given-out organization.
The decision on granting a grant on training will be made based on your answers to the previous two questions, but this information will be an additional factor to which will surely pay attention.


«Provide information which, in your opinion, can positively affect the decision of Academy on granting a grant»

The academy is ready to support modern business people, with a broad outlook and the high creative potential, capable to be engaged both business, and science. In any form tell about itself, about the interests and achievements, views of the modern world of business and its main problems. This information will allow us to make your training in academy the most effective and interesting, we will prepare for you the materials which are equitable to your interests and inquiries.


"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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