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Lao Chen Dong

Lao Chen Dong, ProfessorProfessor, Phd, Tutor and Author of methodologies and cases for the Executive DBA "Communications in the Global World" program for SACM. Consultant for development of corporate communication strategy and international communication.

Graduated Stanford (Master of Arts in Communication program), University of Hong Kong. Received doctor's degree for researches in the field of capitalization and protection of communication assets of the international companies.
Acts as the consultant of the international corporations for development of strategy and legal maintenance of realization of increase in cost of communication assets policy and as the expert in increase in cost of assets of business at merges and acquisitions, regulates problems management of reputation, strategic communications and corporate restructuring.
More than 20 years of the management. Cooperates with strategic consultants for communications, more than in 25 main markets in the world. Owns practice of use interdisciplinary comprehensive industrial knowledge and experience.

Comprehensive communication experience of B2B, the author of articles, seminars and master classes on corporate communications.
The acting consultant of the companies "Alibaba", "Baidu", "Dalian Wanda Group", "Tencent", "Fedex of China", "Midea Group", "China Real Estate Association", "Baoneng Group", in total more than twenty. Author of the Executive DBA "Communications in the Global World" program for Singapore Academy of Corporate Management.