Idea Management in an Organization

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Diploma / Certificate - Idea Management in an Organization
Project / Distance Learning Format
Program Duration: 1 semester / 3 months

The Executive Manager program in Idea Management in an Organization studies applied models and tools for the efficient search and evaluation of new ideas and suggestions for solving corporate problems in the following fields: development of new products and services that improve the efficiency of internal business processes, use of new marketing strategies to expand the customer base and sales growth, development of organizational changes to improve the efficiency of units and departments of companies.

Idea Management in an Organization: Certified EM Course Program

Idea Management in an Organization

The innovative potential of their staff is often not activated by many companies as the source of effective operation and growth on the market. Effective management of this resource can help your business survive in fierce competition and lead to company growth. This program introduces important techniques and methods that help unleash creativity and innovation in everyday business processes, boost the creative potential and develop a new, innovative management style.

The Executive Manager Program in Idea Management in Company will introduce the learners to successful practices that you can use in your own company. You will create and develop the ideas that had previously never occurred to you; in the end these ideas will help you improve your profits.

Capture ideas from your employees effectively with an idea management system. With an idea management system, you can help your organization build a systematic innovation management process. But an idea management system comes with a lot more benefits than just managing innovation.

Keeping an open, transparent idea management system can help your employees see each others’ ideas and feedback. Your employees will appreciate the transparency and the ability to improve others’ ideas. You will also likely increase employee morale and engagement by asking for their ideas and enabling them to proactively work together on improving ideas in an open system.

Ideas can come from customers, employees, vendors, investors, that is, just about anyone. Whether it is limited by time or continuous process, idea management can include internal initiatives and external stakeholders.

When you apply the principles you will learn in the Executive Manager Program Idea Management in Company, you will become the better leader. Your company staff will support your leadership because you will help them solve very complex problems, using new and unusual approaches.

We recommend the Idea Management in Company program to managers and leaders in the companies of any field, entrepreneurs and business owners, specialists in corporate management, business analysts, business development and innovation development managers.


Idea Management in an Organization: Certified EM Course Program


Idea Management as a part of the corporate cycle of innovation management

1. Stages in idea management systems

1.1. Managerial assessment of ideas
1.2. Innovative initiatives
1.3. Assessing the effectives of working with ideas

2. Technologies of searching for new ideas

2.1. Advanced consumer methods
2.2. New Value Curve method
2.3. Consumer Experience Cycle method
2.4. 3D Thinking Matrix

3. Applying creative thinking techniques

3.1. Brainstorming
3.1.1 Steps in preparing a brainstorming session
3.1.2. Brainstorming rules
3.1.3. Planning the brainstorming session rules
3.1.4. Analysis of ideas
3.1.5. Psychological barriers
3.1.6. Mistakes in brainstorming
3.2. Random object association technique
3.3. Idea Generation model


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Executive Manager is the state-of-the-art practical short-term instructional format, which has recently become quite popular in the leading business schools of the US, Singapore and the UK.

Executive Manager programs are developed for effective training of practicing professionals who already have basic knowledge in their fields. 

Graduates of the Executive Manager programs receive International Qualification certificates.


"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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