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Singapore Academy of Corporate ManagementInternational Project for Teaching & Research

Singapore Academy of Corporate Management was founded as a private international corporate business school, which uses cutting edge technologies and services to provide modern and popular courses to corporate and individual customers.

Short-term and long-term programs and courses are offered in many spheres of business education, such as corporate management, innovative technologies, corporate branding.

In addition to scientific and research activities, the Academy provides solutions for the corporate and professional education of top managers and business owners and participates in international personnel selection and hiring programs. 

The Academy is based on the platform of humanitarian values and supports projects in the field of culture, art and history. It also provides funding for research projects and start-up companies, and offers student grants.

The mission of the Academy is to create and introduce international standards of business education, develop new methodologies of professional education to guarantee high quality of educational programs.


Accreditation and Licensing

Each instructional program of the Academy has been awarded an accreditation certificate, and its term of validity is being regularly extended.

The current program validity certificate covers the period from November 18, 2018 to December 31, 2024.

Each of the tutors in the academic program has been licensed to teach particular content and consult in the sphere of shaping and reviewing materials for the doctoral dissertation.



Academy is an independent corporate university of the closed type. The Academy uses its own research for the creation of education products, takes part in the work of the international business and scientific community, organizes and finances research in the sphere of corporate citizenship and sustainable development.

Academy views the modern technologies of societal development as the key elements of business process functioning. The Academy does not recognize or encourage crowdsourcing policies, does not participate in such activities, and strictly monitors authorship rights and copyright of their faculty and doctoral students.



Academy uses innovative technologies to create research programs and teaching methods. The faculty of the Academy are experts in educational technologies and uses cutting-edge equipment in their teaching. The research and project programs of the Academy have been created and implemented with the use of cutting-edge ICT platforms and state-of-the-art software. The Academy can be rightfully considered an innovative school of business.



Academy offers educational products and consulting services in various business sectors by leading international experts from the South-East Asia. Academy is an international resource center for the export and transfer of business education programs, instructional practices and technologies. The main form of the institutional development of the Academy is sustainable communications and corporate cooperation between scholars, experts and business communities from the South-East Asia, America and Europe. 

Academy provides instructional programs in English and Russian. The current educational programs of the Academy are based on the franchise of the classic British corporate school of business. The Academy has offices and representatives in the following countries: UK, Singapore, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia.



Faculty, tutors, and international experts

Academy is represented by four specialized departments that prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of organization management (the "Chief Executive Officer"), corporate governance (the "Corporate Governance"), management of innovation (the "Innovation Management") and corporate branding (the "Corporate Branding"). Distance form of study programmes, but offered full-time participation in seminars or webinars Academy, as well as short-term internships. The faculty of the Academy are certified tutors in the field of international finances, jurisprudence, banking, consulting and auditing services. 

Academy also collaborates with the world's leading experts in the field of business culture, faculty members of renowned international schools of business and universities by providing them with a student audience for their lectures, seminars and practical workshops. The Academy pays special attention to keeping its instructional content current. Webinars and online conferences on all practical aspects of business are being held regularly. The corporate customers and partners of the Academy enjoy international internships and practica in enterprises and companies in Japan, China and Singapore.


Departments and Specializations

Academy is represented by four specialized departments that train experts in organizational management (Chief Executive Officer Program), corporate governance, innovation management and corporate branding. The Academy offers long-distance and correspondence programs with the option of face-to-face seminars or webinars provided by the Academy and short-term internships of students in Japan or South-East Asia.

The educational programs and courses of the Academy have been created in two formats: for researchers (classical research-based education) and for project teams (project education format). All educational programs, courses and seminars of the Academy have been certified, and the graduates will receive Diplomas, Qualification Certificates and International Academic Certificates.

On the basis of academy works the "Orchild School" - the Business school for children from 10 to 14 years. Teachers of academy give for children classes in game style, opening secrets of bases of business and meanings of innovative processes. Also the academy develops children's game programs for acquaintance of little pupils with models of business processes and the principles and bases of work of the modern organizations of public administration.


Research and Publications

Academy carries out research in the areas of corporate governance, corporate culture, research, education, management and technology innovations. Special attention is paid to the processes of managing business processes in modern companies and organizations. The Academy constantly monitors the state of affairs in the international legal aspects of registering companies and providing company services, opening banking accounts, and providing legal, banking, financial, accounting and auditing services. The Academy offers its doctoral students, partners, corporate customers and alumni assistance in obtaining international work permits, provides consultations on investment and employment-based immigration, and advice on optimizing tax payments.


Grants System in the Academy

Academy has created a Grant Foundation. The Foundation finances academic research, an e-library, provides grants to talented doctoral students. The Foundation also provides support to the startups based on academic research presented in the form of doctoral dissertations. To have a grant approved, candidates must provide their qualification certificates and references.


Career of the Graduates

Academy provides its doctoral students and alumni an opportunity to post their resumes in the academic HR system developed for the candidates seeking employment in international companies. The regularly updated HR system of the Academy provides its subscribers - doctoral students and alumni - information on all current openings in international companies and organizations, and calls for competitions.


Culture Studies Navigator

In addition to education topics, the website of the Academy offers several sections dedicated to the history, traditions, art, culture and philosophy of the South-East Asia, festivals, exhibitions and sport events. We invite our guests to take a virtual tour and then visit favorite locations and events as one of our Academy’s doctoral students or an alumnus.


Academy's Media Channel

Academy uses Internet Television, and offers a restricted access channel for broadcasting seminars, webinars, educational, documentary and sci-fi films, as well as live feeds from research forums and conferences. Registered users, doctoral students, partners, clients and graduates of the Academy can gain access to the channel. Educational programs broadcast by the channel have been designed by scholars, businesspeople and experts in various fields.

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