Strategic resources of the Head of the company

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Diploma / Certificate - Strategic resources of the head of the company
Project / Distance Learning Format
Program Duration: 1 semester / 3 months

Students will acquire valuable experience while studying the models of behavior, various ways and means of harmonizing personal and organizational strategy. Finding and introducing into practice non-interfering values and mechanisms of their cultivation. Working on the materials in Topic one the doctoral student will define the requirements and assessment criteria for team members and the results of their activities.

Strategic resources of the head of the company

Strategic resources of the head of the company

In the first topic of the course the doctoral student will formulate the goals of business based on the meanings and understanding of his or her own life. He or she will then examine his or her level of professionalism, and the level of professionalism of his or her team.

Next, he or she will rethink his/her motifs, interests and personal experience, assess his or her spheres of activity and develop a corresponding personal strategy to achieve harmonious development in his or her own life, select the convenient instruments to implement his or her individual life strategy.

The next topic will allow creating a logical business model, defining all internal and external basic and innovative processes. Develop the principles and mechanisms of developing and controlling the strategic development programs of their organization. Optimize collective management mechanisms and distribute the roles among managers. Of importance is also the factor of assessing the effectiveness of business management processes.

This material will help test the earlier mechanisms of management and optimize them in terms of efficiency. It is applicable for the analysis of existing and future businesses. Further use and improvement of individual algorithms of decision-making, correcting strategic plans and your personal vision of business development are seen as very practical instruments.

You are guaranteed to acquire this individual instrument and start using it in your further professional activities after studying the corresponding topics. This course can also be taken by business owners, investors and shareholders of various companies.

This knowledge and these skills can be used by these groups of people to control the management and general directors of their own joint-stock companies. If the owners become strategic and operative managers of the organization, they can use these skills to determine and model its trajectory and strategy of influence on the management of the organization.

Executive Manager programs are developed for effective training of practicing professionals who already have basic knowledge in their fields. We recommend this program to managers and leaders in the companies of any field, entrepreneurs and business owners, specialists in corporate management, business analysts, business development and innovation development managers.


Strategic resources of the head of the company: Certified EM Course Program

1. Manager’s Personality.

1.1. Individual development. Business goals, meaning of life. Professionalism and self-confidence. Individual development plan. Structure of motifs, circle of interests, personal experience. Areas of human activities: strategies of achieving harmony. Self-Management.
1.2. Choosing behavior model. Strategic Management (SM) model. Creating new opportunities for the organization. Basic functionality principle. Line of organizational capabilities. Main criterion for strategy selection Approaches to creating the strategy. Principle of strategic management - balance of stability and change in the organization.
1.3. Choice of values. Corporate culture management. Key culture characteristics: fear, freedom. Matrix for the assessment of corporate culture and success of changes.
1.4. Leader’s team. Ways of assessing human resources. Professional growth and team reduction. Types of teams. Ways of managing teams.

2. Manager’s business tasks.

2.1. Logic of business. Logic of the strategic type of business and typical strategy trajectories. Innovations and routine in the process of implementing competitive strategies. Particular features of strategic programs and approaches at the business level.
2.2. Business programs. Internal and external strategic programs. Types of strategic programs. Correcting strategic programs in the process of implementation. Strategic controlling.
2.3. Collective business management. Forms of team management. Teams and groups. Types of teams and methods of their development. Optimal distribution of roles.
2.4. Effectiveness of business management. Internal and external efficiency. Spheres of efficiency. Types of programs for assessing efficiency. Efficiency of management-initiated changes to strategic programs. Efficiency of organization’s business.


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Graduates of the Executive Manager programs receive EM Diplomas & International Qualification Certificates. Executive Manager is the state-of-the-art practical short-term instructional format, which has recently become quite popular in the leading business schools of the US, Asia and the UK.


"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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