Subjects of Dissertation Researches

The Singapore Academy of Corporate Management offers doctoral candidates to participate in research in the framework of scientific, cultural and innovative programs, where doctoral students from all over the world take part. Cross cultural and cross-scientific component of ongoing research is the basis for the creation of graduate thesis of our doctoral students. For research or scientific work, doctoral candidates choose any interesting and close topic for them. The period of research and writing a dissertation work has no time limit. Choose your own theme for the academic research!

Business and Management

Financial Engineering & Risk Management

Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field drawing from finance and economics, mathematics, statistics, engineering and computational methods. Research in various asset classes including equities, fixed income, credit and mortgage-backed securities, commodity and energy derivatives and algorithmic trading.

Corporate Governance

Research for general principles, board of directors, leadership and succession planning, compensation, audit and risk, shareholders, and proxy advisory. The Key Concept is a collection of roadmaps to understanding the fundamental concepts of corporate governance. Each one examines a specific research focus area based on theory, empirical research, and data.

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding necessitates a different management approach. It requires greater emphasis on factors internal to the organisation, paying greater attention to the role of employees in the brand building process. The Research explores the implications of corporate branding for the management of internal brand resources. Present a model for managing brands through narrowing the gap between a brand’s identity and its reputation and, building on this, identify key factors that affect brand perceptions and brand performance. Find some of the mechanisms that may be used to facilitate greater congruence of brand perceptions within the brand team and communication of a brand’s identity to employees.

Innovation Management

Research for Innovation Culture, Creativity, Idea management, Co-creation, Project management, Complex systems, Leadership, Strategy, Sustainability. Research in Innovation Management analyses a number of different sectors, advanced and emerging technologies, science based industries, professional services (architecture practices, design and engineering consultancies), different fields of sustainability (renewable energy, organic food), and includes research on public services building on long standing expertise and understanding of the governance, accountability and performance of public services, in particular of healthcare organisations.

Subjects of Dissertation Researches

Arts and Humanities

Arts, Design and Media

The range of research within the scope of Creative Arts includes interests such as: design for interaction; critical approaches to art & technology; communication through new media; internet based and networked art; art history; design history and cultural and media studies.

Southeast Asian Culture & Language

Southeast Asian Literature and Culture, Traditional and Pop Cultures in Asia, Cinema, History, Intellectual History, Philosophy and Thought, Society, Politics and Economy, Foreign Relations Politics and International Law, Social Development, Linguistics, Language and Dialects in Asia, Studies of Ethnic Chinese


Communication processes are a fundamental part of every aspect of human social life. Explore the processes, antecedents, and consequences of communication in a broad range of societal systems. These include the mass media, interpersonal, health, political, entertainment, advertising/persuasive communication, new technology, online, computer-mediated and mobile communication, organizational, intercultural, group, family. Communication Research takes you to the cutting-edge of research and theory in all areas within the field of communication.

Engineering and Technology

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Communication Technology, Digital Media, Science & Engineering, Mechanical & Machines Technology, Microelectronics Engineering, Nano-Science

Engineering Management

Ecological economics, engineering, genetics, humanities, literacy, psychology and environment. Environmental and Social Studies for archaeology, chemistry, design, economics, effects on physiology, engineering, ethics, finance, geography, geology, history, impact assessment, justice and law, management, psychology, policy, science, sociology, soil science, studies technology

Subjects of Dissertation Researches

Life Sciences

Biomedical Sciences

Research for healthy and disease states, as well as mechanisms of infection, through use of a range of approaches such as bioinformatics, biomolecular, biophysical, disease modelling, physiological, structural biology and systems biology. Research aim is to identify new approaches for maintaining and improving wellbeing. The scope of research is broad, encompassing studies on the major factors influencing health in the developed world, including aging, cancer, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes, with emphasis on areas such as heart physiology, hemostasis and thrombosis.

Engineering in Biology

Research for learning how to effectively address important problems combining engineering principles and perspective with the knowledge and tools of modern molecular life sciences. Biological engineers address these problems by fusing quantitative, integrative, systems-oriented analysis and design approaches together with cutting-edge bioscience.

Natural Sciences

Earth Sciences & Engineering, Energy, Mathematics, Physics, Spintronics, Pharmacology, Water and Sustainability.

Social Sciences

Research for Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, History, Internet & Communications, Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Politics and Public Administration, Psychology, Research on Asia, Security Studies & Policy Issues, Sociology.


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