Internships and Webinars

The Academy offers its doctoral students and corporate partners a series of internships in the leading companies and enterprises of Singapore and Japan. 

The programs are attended by Doctor of Business Administration students, business leaders, business owners and managers, company managers and representatives of government organizations. The candidates travel to Singapore and Japan to attend international seminars/internships. The goal of the program is to promote and enhance business relations between doctoral students by teaching them about Japanese and Singaporean corporate governance practices, human resources management, quality management and control, innovation management, investment and financial management, as well as to establish effective business and cultural communications with the South East Asia business communities. The Academy also offers a cycle of media format webinars.

Seminars and Webinars in Singapore

Seminars and Webinars in Singapore

Webinars are a new and modern form of organizing seminars on important topics. The webinar is organized with the use of ICT, when the teacher uses voice chat and slides to deliver a lecture in real time, while participants can watch the teacher and the slides, listen to the lecture and communicate in the chat with the instructor and each other. Participants can log onto the webinar platform from anywhere in the world.
Webinar speakers include experts in the field of international company management, corporate governance, innovation management, corporate branding, tax planning, legal and financial consulting, with extensive practical experience.
Renowned experts and academics present the information-loaded lectures which will satisfy professional knowledge needs of the most demanding students. Audio-visual lecture presentations are accompanies by high quality translation. The Academy announces seminar, internship and webinar programs in advance.


Visas and work permits for Singapore & EU passports by investment

We specialise in assisting international business companies (registration, maintenance and liquidation of companies, opening of bank accounts in various jurisdictions) international tax planning, visas and work permits.

Visas & work permits:
Registering company requirements
The classification of employees
Applying for a work permit
Entry visa & registration &temporary residence
Family reunification
Application fees

Singapore Employment Passes:
Eligibility criteria
Application information and restrictions
Fair Consideration Framework (FCF)
Rejections & appeals
Dependent pass (DP)


Singapore tax system overview

What types of taxes exist in Singapore.
What are special aspects of the corporate taxation in Singapore.
What is territorial principle of taxation.
What you should know about taxation of the foreign income in Singapore.
Withholding tax: rates and types of income taxed.
Double Taxation Agreements for Singapore companies.
When and how GST is used in Singapore.
Benefits of using Singapore companies in international business and tax planning.


Opening and Maintaining a Bank Account in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cyprus

The webinar will be of special interest and use to:

Business Managers, Lawyers, Economists and experts dealing with tax planning.
Managers and owners of companies that are interested in international business.
Legal, consulting and auditing companies.
Entrepreneurs who are interested in «startup» projects.

By participating in our webinar, you will learn:
What the necessary documents for opening a bank account are
What due diligence is & what are KYC procedures?
Is company activity important for opening a bank account?
What are the special aspects of opening bank accounts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Cyprus?
What challenges companies face when opening a bank account?
What the rights of a Nominee Director when managing a bank account are, and what the risks associated with using nominee services for bank account purposes are.
How to maintain a bank account.
Why do banks close companies' accounts?


Trusts: fundamental principles and conceptual background. Developments and practical aspects in trust legislation.

The webinar will be of special interest and use to:
Managers, Lawyers, Economists and experts dealing with tax planning.
Business owners and Managers of companies that are interested in international business.
Legal, consulting and auditing companies.
Entrepreneurs who are interested in «startup» projects.

Your will learn:
Trust definition and types of trusts.
Fundamental principles of trusts.
Organisational structure and main elements of trusts.
Methods of trust creation and validity of trust upon creation.
Trust Instruments and main sections.
Trusts of original and additional property.
Trustee administrative powers and duties.
-Liability of a trustee and the rights to exoneration.
Assets Protection Trusts (APT).

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"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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