Applying and Enrolling

Singapore Academy of Corporate ManagementSigning a Contract and Getting Admitted

To apply for a study place on the DBA/EDBA or Executive Manager Program, the candidate must fill out the Doctoral Student’s Registration Form on the Academy’s website. Upon receiving the registration form, the Academy will take time to review the information provided by the candidate and will adopt a decision on the candidate’s application to the program and the term of study. Our manager will contact the candidate using the contact phone as indicated in the Application Form.


Be ready to send us all required documents

Digital copy of an ID or a Passport; Digital copy of a University Diploma; Digital copies of all Certificates; Digital photo of the candidate in any portrait format. After the doctoral student presents all the documents, he/she will receive a program contract (via e-mail or by courier service) signed by the Academy, and the tuition bill. After the doctoral student pays the tuition, he/she is officially enrolled, and gains access to his/her personal online office, courses, assignments, work materials and literature8888Within seven days of admission, the doctoral student will be assigned a personal tutor to assist in his academic research or dissertation project.


Grant Eligibility

If the applicant has a DBA, MBA, EMBA, PhD, or any other academic degree (for the countries of Eastern Europe), IPMA and EEC qualification certificates or FCCA, ICPAC, AIA, ATP statuses, he/she automatically receives a grant, and the Academy waives 3/4 of his or her tuition fee. When the candidate does not have the aforementioned degrees, statuses or qualification, and/or has no money to pay his/way, he or she must then fill out a Grant application on the Academy’s website.

The grant application will be considered within ten calendar days, and the candidate will receive the Academy’s decision on the grant application. The key factors in the consideration of the grant application are the quality of the application form (all the details must be provided) and the applicant’s resume. The information on program fees and available grants is listed on the Academy’s website. Further instructions on signing the study contract are shown above.


Study Process and Software Products

The student will have his or her own personal office on the Academy’s website, where all theoretical materials and practical cases for the entire course will be posted. The instructional process is based on the detailed study of theoretical materials and practical cases, consultations and discussions of all the issues with the student’s personal tutor. These consultations include required preparation for the doctoral student’s monthly tests on the topic of study. If the program contains an essay or a practical topic assignment, it must be completed in accordance with the description and follow the content criteria as indicated. All essays and practical assignments are handed in to the tutor’s academy address in the MS Word format.



Use the Google Chrome browser to make sure that your personal office page opens correctly and all the files are correctly downloaded from the Academy’s server. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader software to read the theoretical materials. Use Skype Communicator for audio- and visual communications with your tutor. After passing all the tests, and completing all essays and practical assignments, the doctoral student begins working on putting together and defending his/her dissertation. The student will begin working on the dissertation in the first month of his or her study program.


Tests and Examinations

It is recommended that students take their tests immediately after completing a certain topic. Topic essays and practical assignments are submitted monthly after each program topic is completed. When the practical assignments are covered in detailed consultations between the doctoral student and his or her tutor, the latter shall be allowed to pass the student without him/her submitting their work in writing. This provision does not apply to tests and examinations.



Throughout the duration of the program the doctoral student will work on his/her research or project, and the results of the study will be presented as his/her dissertation. After gaining approval of the student’s personal tutor, the candidate will put together his/her dissertation paper in accordance with the requirements and international standards. These requirements and standards are described in detail on the Academy’s website. The dissertation is submitted in the digital form for the consideration of the Academic Council. If the Academic Council recognizes the uniqueness and novelty of the dissertation research, the doctoral student’s study program in the Academy is considered completed.


Graduation Documents

The doctoral student will receive his/her Diploma with the awarded degree indicated in accordance with international requirements, and the international qualification certificate which ascertains the graduate’s professional knowledge and skills. The graduates of Executive Manager programs - international qualification certificates.


Membership in the Academy

The Academy awards the title of Honorary Member of the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management. To be nominated, the doctoral student must provide a high quality piece of research or project, completed during his/her study program. Other grounds for nomination include considerable professional success, which had influenced the development of technologies, industries and economy, and contribution to the development of the academic or business community.


Forms of Business Education

The Academy offers to its private and corporate customers certified Doctor of Business Administration programs and Executive Manager courses, as well as face-to-face and online seminars presented by the faculty. All the programs have been developed and balanced to accommodate the needs of various audiences for mid-line and top executives.


Research Format Programs

The Doctor of Business Administration programs are presented in the form of specialized research with the use of modern statistics, private and corporate practices, case studies, methodologies and references, with links to regional business management aspects dependent on local legislation and forms of government regulation. Each Doctor of Business Administration program comes with the recommended list of sources and/or methodological brochures on the course. The graduates of Doctor of Business Administration programs receive academic diplomas and international qualification certificates.


Project Format Programs

Academy offers Executive Doctor of Business Administration programs in the sphere of corporate management and innovations in the project education format. The project form of the program helps define a mock or a real project. This form of instruction is the most effective and the most time-consuming instructional method today because it requires participation not only of the doctoral student or a project mini-group, but special faculty as well. Academy recognizes this training method as the most progressive approach, which is qualitatively better than all other current instructional models.

Executive Manager is the state-of-the-art practical short-term instructional format, which has recently become quite popular in the leading business schools of the US, Singapore and the UK. Executive Manager programs are developed for effective training of practicing professionals who already have basic knowledge in their fields. The graduates of Doctor of Business Administration Programs receive academic diplomas and international qualification certificates. The graduates of Executive Manager programs - international qualification certificates.



"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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