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As the only unique resource for development and growth of any company the creative (innovative) potential of its personnel serves.

Program “Mitsubishi: Innovation Management" unites key elements of modern approaches to corporate governance innovations in the field of products, services, business processes and strategy and shows how business can compete in the market if considers innovations as administrative discipline. Innovations are a natural consequence of human requirement to generation and realization of new ideas, and innovations can change advantageously life of the company and bring her in leaders of branch.

Contents of the program "Mitsubishi: innovative management"Contents of the program "Mitsubishi: innovative management"

Continuous changes of all components of a business environment - requirements and expectations of buyers, legislative base of business, technologies, channels of the distribution, the competitive environment, a political and economic situation – comprise as threat (for example, goods obsolescence), and new opportunities (for example, the new markets) for the companies.

Not to leave from the market, the companies need to use opening opportunities and to overcome threats through the correct strategic planning of new products and their timely conclusion to the market. The best and unique way to prosper for the organization – to develop and introduce innovative solutions.

Innovations – the only way to turn changes over which the companies aren't power, in opportunity. Development and commercialization of innovations, whether belong they to products, services, business processes or strategy - a difficult and multiphase task. Experience shows that innovations are expensive and risky. Failures meet quite often.

The modern market demands fast development of new products therefore to the companies it is necessary not only to seize receptions of innovative activity, but also to introduce successful innovative solutions in the shortest terms. To achieve success, managers have to gain skills to define potentially successful products and to operate processes for achievement of the planned result. In other words, managers have to develop in themselves skills of management of innovations in the company.


Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting

Proposal Consulting with our clients, we make seminar proposals, setting seminar objectives, focusing targeted participants, and making estimates. Mitsubishi UFJ & Research and Consulting, Co., Ltd. (MURC) has provided over 80 courses and seminars to over 3,300 participants from various countries so far. The Ministry of Finance (MOFA), Ministry of Finance (MOF), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and the Japan Association for Trade, with Russia & NIS are our main clients. We also offer made-to-order managerial level seminars for private enterprises, banking officers, and government policy makers from abroad.

Preparation Utilizing the network of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), financial experts from specialized fields explain international issues and economics with a focus on practical applications. Also, prominent professors and specialists selected from our MURC database will deliver an informative lecture, which will satisfy the curiosity of the participants. The lecturers’ audiovisual presentation, highly-skilled interpreters, and accurate & professional translations are important components in the seminar. Streamlining those components, we design the curriculum objectively and effectively.

Participatory Management During the participants’ stay in Japan, MURC personnel are always at your service. (MURC’s Participatory Management of the seminar program)

From arrival to departure, we will meet and assist the participants by chartered limousine. For daily transportation, the MURC coordinator will be in attendance from their accommodation to the seminar.
In case of emergency, the insurance will cover the medical expenses in walk-in clinics or hospitals (optional). In such case, the MURC Life coordinator will support your communication.
Our original handout of information on Sight-Seeing spots in Tokyo is also very popular among participants.

Program Evaluation Based on the Questionnaires from participants, we will hold an Evaluation meeting at the end of the seminar, which will give us important hints to help us make improvements. Also, we will hold a closing ceremony, handing out certificates to the participants for their hard work and enthusiastic participation. Upon request, MURC will hold follow-up seminars for the participants.


Excursion programs and additional opportunities

In the training program in Japan Kyoto & Nara Sightseeing Tour excursions - Kyoto and Nara - a sightseeing will take place. Hakone & Izu - a sightseeing with a stop in the resort of a mineral source. Upon termination of the program, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co. Ltd. will hold a final ceremony at which certificates will be handed over to all participants of seminars and trainings. By special inquiry the academy can organize the additional program of seminars and trainings in Japan at any course business of specializations.
Clients of the company - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA), the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Ministry of Economics, Trade and the Industry (METI) and Japanese Association of Trade with Russia. In the Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co programs. Ltd. financial experts from specialized areas which open an essence of the international economic problems on practical examples take part.


Registration for Training

From large corporations to major mid-sized companies and small and medium enterprises, we provide our clients with corporate strategy consulting services covering a wide range of interrelated areas, including management strategy, marketing strategy, human resources strategy, and management systems. Registration for training is possible in time no later than in 90 days prior to estimated day of a trip. The overall cost of a trip will be defined after the received inquiry and coordination of your trip with a host.

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