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Academy presents Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Seminar Arrangement for Investment Management

The International Business Promotion Division, which is in charge of arranging seminars for guests from abroad, plays an important role in educational training all over the world. Based on our know-how and perfect logistical support, and staffed by our experienced professionals, our seminar programs, funded by governmental institutions, are highly appreciated among participants. In Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, we operate management leader academies for corporate executives, corporate successors, and other business leaders, and we hold seminars that are useful for domestic and international business.

Investment Management in JapanPractical Business Course, Funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or Ministry of Economy and Trade and Industry

IT Business
Human Resource Management
SME Management
Public Relations
Quality Control
Production Management
Environmental Business

Funded by ROTOBO (Japan Association for Trade with Russia)

Fashion, Apparel Seminar
Bread, Confectionery Seminar
Food Industry Assistance Seminar
Management Strategy Seminar

On-the-job Training

Quality Control

Finance /Banking Course, Funded by Ministry of Finance

Corporate Finance
Financial Reform
Policy Finance
Trade Finance
Project Finance
Foreign Exchange Mechanism
Uzbekistan Financial Academy

At the Request of Banks

Mega Bank Program
Credit Analysis Course
Middle Mangers Course in Bank

Course for Policy-Makers, Funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency

Public Private Partnership Program
Economic Reform Program for Brazil
Development Finance in
Eastern European Countries
Economic Development Program in Lao
Thai Senior Executive Development Program (for local government)

Excursion programs and additional opportunities

In the training program in Japan Kyoto & Nara Sightseeing Tour excursions - Kyoto and Nara - a sightseeing will take place. Hakone & Izu - a sightseeing with a stop in the resort of a mineral source. Upon termination of the program, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co. Ltd. will hold a final ceremony at which certificates will be handed over to all participants of seminars and trainings. By special inquiry the academy can organize the additional program of seminars and trainings in Japan at any course business of specializations.
Clients of the company - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA), the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the Ministry of Economics, Trade and the Industry (METI) and Japanese Association of Trade with Russia. In the Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co programs. Ltd. financial experts from specialized areas which open an essence of the international economic problems on practical examples take part.

Registration for Training

From large corporations to major mid-sized companies and small and medium enterprises, we provide our clients with corporate strategy consulting services covering a wide range of interrelated areas, including management strategy, marketing strategy, human resources strategy, and management systems. Registration for training is possible in time no later than in 90 days prior to estimated day of a trip. The overall cost of a trip will be defined after the received inquiry and coordination of your trip with a host.

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"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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