Managing Supplier Innovation

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Diploma / Certificate - Managing Supplier Innovation
Project / Distance Learning Format
Program Duration: 1 semester / 3 months

The Managing Supplier Innovation Executive Manager program describes applied models and methods of interaction with suppliers regarding innovative projects, as well as approaches to forming a corporate culture open to innovations. The program covers modern innovative partnership management tools and the tools of building an innovative organizational culture, including: four steps for the better efficiency of innovative interaction with suppliers; principles and procedures of interaction with suppliers regarding innovative projects; ways of customer influence on the innovative initiatives of the supplier; models of forming the key components of an innovative organizational culture.

Managing Suplier Innovation: Certified EM CourseManaging Supplier Innovation

In today's business community it is often possible to encounter an overly mechanistic approach to the innovative development of the enterprise, such as buying new equipment, a new information system or new technology - and consider that sufficient to feel quite innovative.

However, innovative development is first and foremost the way of viewing innovations as a source of new solutions and renewed organizations. To start on their journey toward innovation, many managers will have to change their management paradigm. Only the companies that will notice the global changes in the world will survive in the future.

Long-term sustainable development of companies cannot be achieved with the help of the “cutting-edge solutions” purchased by everyone from one and the same provider. Competitive advantages are generated by the unique creative potential of human capital. It is precisely here that we find a real source of a true breakthrough and an economic miracle!

As organizations look to their suppliers to jumpstart product and process innovation, having the right information on unmet customer needs, emerging supplier technologies and capabilities that fill these gaps, and information on the capability of suppliers to execute on innovation projects is becoming key. In effect, procurement data on supply market technologies serves as the catalyst that drives the innovation process.

When customers collaborate with suppliers they can build trust, reduce relational stress, and increase innovation-related activities. Suppliers are more willing to invest in and share innovative ideas and technologies when they have open and collaborative relationships with the companies to whom they sell supplies.

Supplier commitment, as reflected in its long-term innovation intentions, provides a basis both for the customer and the supplier to build confidence in the stability of their working relations and to act toward each other in an increasingly trusting manner.

We recommend the Managing Supplier Innovation Executive Manager program to managers and leaders in the companies of any field, entrepreneurs and business owners, specialists in corporate management, business analysts, business development and innovation development managers.


Managing Supplier Innovation: Certified EM Course


Incorporating partners into innovative activities

1. Role of suppliers in increasing the value of innovative project portfolios

1.1. Success factors in interaction with suppliers in innovative projects
1.2. Improving the key parameters of the innovative cycle by means of an effective partnership with suppliers
1.3. The model of increasing the effectiveness of innovative interaction with suppliers

2. Principles and models of interaction with suppliers

2.1. Principles of interaction with suppliers in the cycle of development and introducing new products onto the market
2.2. How to support the innovative initiatives of suppliers
2.3. Creating competitive advantages through supplier initiatives

3. Shaping of corporate culture open to innovations

3.1. Nine parameters of the working atmosphere in the organization
3.2. Organizational culture space
3.3. Innovative organizational culture
3.4. Formation of innovative culture
3.4.1. Roles of cultural norms, rules and symbols
3.4.2. Creating the culture that encourages creativity
3.4.3. Organizational structures strengthening innovations


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Executive Manager is the state-of-the-art practical short-term instructional format, which has recently become quite popular in the leading business schools of the US, Singapore and the UK.

Executive Manager programs are developed for effective training of practicing professionals who already have basic knowledge in their fields.

We recommend this program to managers and leaders in the companies of any field, entrepreneurs and business owners, specialists in corporate management, business analysts, business development and innovation development managers. 

Graduates of the Executive Manager programs receive Diploma & International Qualification certificates.



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