Internship Programmes & Seminars

Internship Programmes & Seminars

The Academy offers its doctoral students and corporate partners a series of internships in the leading companies and enterprises of Singapore and Japan. 

The programs are attended by Doctor of Business Administration students, business leaders, business owners and managers, company managers and representatives of government organizations. The candidates travel to Singapore and Japan to attend international seminars/internships. The goal of the program is to promote and enhance business relations between doctoral students by teaching them about Japanese and Singaporean corporate governance practices, human resources management, quality management and control, innovation management, investment and financial management, as well as to establish effective business and cultural communications with the South East Asia business communities. The Academy also offers a cycle of media format webinars.

The training program to Japan "Management of hi-tech medium-sized enterprise on the example of the company MAYEKAWA (MYCOM)". 

Academy invites doctoral candidates and graduates to pass training in Japan on a subject "Management of hi-tech medium-sized enterprise on the example of the company MAYEKAWA (MYCOM)". Host: MYCOM with the participation of Daikin (air central air). Duration of training is 10 days. Training is designed for the experts which main activities is: production and sale of various industrial compressors and other equipment for all types of industrial cold, various gas compressors and compressor systems, the equipment on development and electric power regeneration (steam expanders, steam compressors, industrial thermal pump systems, etc.) water ring pumps of a high pressure and other accompanying equipment, and packing materials. Design and equipment of plants.

Academy presents educational programs and trainings and internship in the Japanese company Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co. Ltd.

The Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting company has been created in 2006, through merge of the UFJ Institute Diamond Business Consulting and Tokyo Research International companies as the consulting center belonging to Mitsubishi corporation and it is based in three cities of Japan - Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka and offers the extensive volume of services through the comprehensive line of business – from consultation and research of policy of business within the international business contacts to the macroeconomic analysis and programs of a vocational education for practical aspects education business. It is the skilled group of experts providing comprehensive consulting services, the business management concentrated on strategy and strategy of development of human resource management.

For the solution of advisory problems of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co. Ltd. uses the partner companies and the organizations where business trips for holding seminars will be organized.

Subjects of seminars are carefully selected for each level and type of heads, officials and managers. Various types of seminars and lectures, with courses for beginners and experts and professionals are concentrated on the most various business areas. Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co. Ltd. – the center of scientific researches and consulting, has at present conducted already over eighty courses and more than five hundred seminars for more than three and a half thousand participants from various countries of the world. 

Academy presents Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Seminar Arrangement for Investment Management

The International Business Promotion Division, which is in charge of arranging seminars for guests from abroad, plays an important role in educational training all over the world. Based on our know-how and perfect logistical support, and staffed by our experienced professionals, our seminar programs, funded by governmental institutions, are highly appreciated among participants. In Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, we operate management leader academies for corporate executives, corporate successors, and other business leaders, and we hold seminars that are useful for domestic and international business.

As the only unique resource for development and growth of any company the creative (innovative) potential of its personnel serves.

Program “Mitsubishi: Innovation Management" unites key elements of modern approaches to corporate governance innovations in the field of products, services, business processes and strategy and shows how business can compete in the market if considers innovations as administrative discipline. Innovations are a natural consequence of human requirement to generation and realization of new ideas, and innovations can change advantageously life of the company and bring her in leaders of branch.

Seminar in Singapore International Corporate Management

Objectives for the Basic Module: Gain fundamental knowledge of the system; Develop your bookkeeping knowledge; Establish how Sage Accounting can be implemented in your company. Objectives for the Intermediate Module: Develop your understanding of the use of the "Manage VAT" module; Full understanding of the year-end process; Determine how the "Lock Date" process can assist your financial reporting function; Develop your knowledge on the use of Products and Projects through Sage 50 Accounts. Objectives for the Advanced Module: Acquire fundamental understanding on how to produce consolidated accounts through Sage 50 Accounts; Full understanding of how to record transactions and manage balances denominated in foreign exchange currencies. Develop your knowledge on how to design reports through Sage 50 Accounts. Gain a full understanding of both Features & Benefits, your Company will receive utilising SPS to its fullest. Receive knowledge regarding how to operate your SPS System. Establish company specific practice policies, procedures and customisation requirements.

The program of innovative educational travel to Switzerland and accommodation on the SACM campus in Montreux

The Singapore Academy of Corporate Management offers unique educational trips to Switzerland, organized with the full financial support of the Innovation Fund “RHR Balanced Venture Capital Investments, SA” (Switzerland), as part of training corporate teams on the DBA / EDBA programs “Innovation Management” and “Chief Executive Officer”. In the investor environment, Switzerland has already got an unofficial nickname - “Silicon Alps”. For the sixth year in a row, the country ranks 1st in the Global Innovation Index rating (according to the international business school INSEAD), and at the federal and regional levels it implements many initiatives aimed at supporting technology companies.


"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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