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Our Priorities

  • Discovering Resources and Researches

    All research and projects created in the academy are widely quoted and publicly published

  • Our Reference points for Recruiting

    Our reference points for recruiting for programs are gender equality, there is no dependence on the age and religion of a person, the main quality is the ambitions of the leaders

  • Our Social Responsibility

    We fulfill social obligations, respect human rights, observe corporate culture, confidentiality and privacy rights

  • Responsibility for Graduates

    By employing graduates, we create green jobs, we are countering climate change

  • Applying the best Educational Practices

    We respect the rights of everyone in society, apply the best educational practices and share the results of research

  • Sustainable Development and Human Rights

    We oppose corruption, observe the basic conventions of the International Labor Organization, design technologies to improve the quality of life on Earth

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Advantages of Digital Technologies

Go through the training and get relevant knowledge wherever you are in the world

  • Plan the optimal time for study - synchronize it with your own life schedule.
  • Optimize the cost of education - there is no need to bear the costs associated with staying in the training venue.
  • Organize optimal training cycles for yourself-plan and schedule consultations with tutors, prolong or shorten the time for reading and analyzing the materials studied, and choose the dates for passing the examination tests.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity for continuous learning - program materials are constantly updated - new professional knowledge is available to you throughout your life.
  • Refer to the materials of the studied courses as many times as you need – once given access to the library of the Academy will be always valid.
  • Choose a place and a tool of access to educational information, depending on the desires and capabilities – learn at home, at work, on vacation, using personal computer, tablet, mobile phone where it is convenient, how convenient, when convenient.
  • Academy training programs are unique. Access to such knowledge may be not available in your region. Distance learning easily solves this problem.
  • Project form of education provides an active method of study materials and interaction with Tutors of the programs in the command mode - joint maintenance of digital summaries, interactive modeling of the project, discussion of project processes with other students in teleconferences, and the wide use of multimedia resources.
  • The research form of instruction provides for an active method of studying materials and individual interaction with the tutor of the program - reading of methodological aids, analytical research, discussion of the study, shaping the boundaries of its practical application zone.
  • Take part in webinars and online conferences held by well-known experts - the academy conducts them around the world.
  • Get knowledge and skills using digital technologies, it will allow you to achieve and maintain a new standard of education and erudition demanded in the modern world.

Development Strategy

  • Quality
  • Responsibility
  • Employment
  • Technologies

  • Cooperation for the future of education
  • SACM strives for a qualitative change in learning technologies and selects for its programs the actual almost popular material. The scientific Center of the Academy is in constant contact with the world's leading business schools, and we will expand this cooperation in future.

  • History & Culture
  • SACM supports the participation of students and graduates in the programs of improving the quality of life around the world, such as the construction of housing for the needy people, the creation of safe playgrounds, or create innovative solutions in medicine and production of ecological food.

  • Employment in leading companies
  • SACM collaborates with employers from countries with the leading economies by implementing HR solutions that help to change the world for the better, using an innovative approach to the preparation of graduates who can be called managers of the world.

  • Digital copies of Diplomas
  • SACM creates a mobile system for recording and storing data on the graduation and qualification documents academic certificates of education and qualification degrees in the Blockchain, using tools based on open standards Blockcerts developed by Machine Learning Technologies, and the MIT Media Lab. This will allow employers to confirm and track academic certificates and credentials.

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"I am confident that with time you will become leaders among business professionals, and, perhaps, return to the academy to share your knowledge and experience with new doctoral students.."

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